Battery Powered Outdoor
1.2 GHz (1200MHz) Remote Tv Station

K6MFW on K6BEN amateur television
This is a 1.2GHz uplink to the K6BEN amateur
television hilltop repeater.
This downlink seen here is from K6BEN station
on 421 MHz (cable channel 57) that transmits
throughout the south SF bay are...
Real TV not cellphone or internet cam
(except this youtube uplink is a video file
taken from the VCR).

WBØBIZ ATV repeater reception 250miles
7/31/2009 KA9UVY
Reception of the Davenport IA ATV repeater
on 421.250 received here in S. IL.
_ KA9UVY Tower _

Classic Slow Scan Television (SSTV) Demonstration
using 8 second black and white format.
This is the format that was popular in the 1970s prior to
the advent of the various color SSTV modes in use today.
This simulation was created using some Linux-based
The sound is music to a slow-scanner's ears. :-)

SSTV on 80M with 2E0HTS at the controls
_ MMSSTV Software _

Operating PSK on H.F

Uploaded by 5UP7 on Feb 2, 2011
Jack, WB4ROY, sends 73s to Sam, AC5D, using
computer graphics available at the time (August 1980).
SSTV on 2m M1PAC & 2E0HTS
2 way qso between Phil M1PAC,
and 2E0HTS on 70cm -433.725 whilst
exchanging SSTV transmissions on 144.500 fm.




WWV vs CHU time stations on a Tektronix oscilloscope