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Kim Bobo - Wage Theft in America - Part 1/3

Kim Bobo - Wage Theft in America - Part 2/3

Kim Bobo - Wage Theft in America - Part 3/3

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OCT. 1st 2008 - 7/15/'09

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THE Trio is back together for an Hour 9/22/'08
-> 3:00PM EDT, 2:PM.CT, 1PM MT, NOON PDT
Autumnal Equinox Financial Meltdown Show Contest Winner "Sue" from England, Special Guest Janeane Garofalo Sam juggles Apples., Henry Paulson & Financial Bailout., J.McCain / Cheney ect. planning an October surprise: war in Pakistan and another long Cold War to ensure a McCain win and perpetual profit., Marc and Janeane talk about Real Time with Bill Maher., Marc calls his financial broker., Marc and Janeane briefly talk about Naomi Klien., Bill Maher & Religion / faith., Our financial crash is a worldwide international crash., Instant Messages.,Election Fraud by Rethuglicans., Janeane & Marc will be at Eugene Mirman Comedy Fest on Friday.
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The Old Show ( 9/18/'07 - 9/24/'08 )
Audio of the Weekly Show
 Sam: New York,  Marc: East L.A. California


Nov. 13, 2007 -Topics / Subjects

10 minutes of Techncl Problems,then:
Sam and Marc in '92,Mike Mukasey,Writers Strike:
Entertainment Distribution Shift,
Electronic Content delivery system,Writers and
Entertainment Industry now back in a Read/Write
Enviroment, Copywritten content is re-written by
'net users, Movie;"No Country For Old Men"
Independent Films,Stupid Americans,I.M.'s
Rudy Giuliani, John Edwards,Ron Paul,Barack Obama,
H.Clinton,Marc doing Comedy


Janry. 1, 2008 - Topics / Subjects

Marc is Late, Pakistan, Boutto Assinated,
Writers Strike,David Letterman,
Marc's Early days in Stand-Up Comedy
and Writers Union,J.Edwards,B.Obama
Progressive Ideals, B.Obama,
Resolutions,Sam Reads I.M.'s,B.Obama

- Audio 1:24:35 11MB -

Janry. 11, 2008 - Topics / Subjects

Ron Paul,R.Giuliani,B.Obama, a letter to
Marc from his mom Re: Obama:
is Propaganda by Republicans,"Religitards"
"Vertical Leadership",M.Huckabee,S.Carolina,

At about 38 Minutes in: they talk about
that Iranian Speedboat Incident, and then
the Press Conference with G.W.B&$# and the
Israeli Prime Minister : E. Olmert. Its Funny!

Sams trip to New Hampshire, Instant Messages
Hilary Clinton Hecklers,I.M.'s,
Movies Marc has seen

- -

Topics / Subjects
Tue. January. 22ed, 2008
Last Nights Dem. Debate: Bad Media Coverage
Rush Limbaugh = Evil, Bed Economic News
J.McCain,M.Huckabee, Racism & Sexism,
Aproaching Economic Disaster,
Posibilities of an Obama Presidency
Instant Mesages, Oscar Nominations

- AUDIO 1:12:35 13MB -

Topics / Subjects
Tue. March 11th, 2008
12:30PM PDT, 1:30P MDT, 2:30P CDT, 3:30PM EDT
Marc's $12, Marc out on his deck: Relaxed and at ease
N.Y. Gov. E. Spitzer, Admiral W.Fallon resigns, neocons to Bomb
Iran, Marc's & Sam's Mortgages, Lawyers, Marc's Plan A,
Marc and Greg Proops working on script for HBO, Sam's days in
Boston & Cape Cod, Racism, I.M.'s, Morning Sedition,
Randi Rhodes, "Freedom First": An Event Marc will be doing about
the Separation of Church & State, Marc going to Australia,
and Seattle in April

Tue. April 22ed, 2008
7:AM PDT, 8:A MT, 9: CT, 10:AM EDT, 12:01AM 4/23 SYDNEY Australia
Marc still in SYDNEY:
Marc went to the Zoo, Myla and Adam: 
and Sams thoughts about:
his Daughter and other boys,
Marc was on Australian Tv:"Good News Week", 
Pennsylvania Primary and General Election: 
Sam is confident that Obama will win in the end but
Marc: while hopeful is not so sure, 
The clothing we ware that's made in China are 
the Uniforms of Communisim,
Marc's Divorce proceedings, B.Obama, 
H.Clinton, & J.McCain,
We must Rebuild our Industry in America,
 Too many things are disposable, requiring continued 
 consumption, After the upcoming economic depression:
 the possibillity of another "New Deal",
America vs Austraila
Marc's upcoming Stand-Up Gigs in Cincinnati, 
Chicago, Fargo, Portland, & Phoenix, 
Marc gets busted by Hotel Security for talking to loud,
NoveM Radio


Tue. May 20th, 2008
8:AM PDT, 9:A MT, 10: CT, 11:AM EDT,

Marc is tired of e-mail, would rather deal with hand written mail.,
Sam thinks either himself or Marc will will get the afternoon AAR
gig., Recordings of Myla saying "Barack Obama"., Marc opens a 6th 
floor hotel window., Marc was in Portland OR.: B.Obama drew 75,000
people to a rally on Sunday 5/10., Good Analysis of the possible
strategy of the Republicans., Sam says if Gasoline hits $7
a gallon a year from now: Everything will come to a complete stand-
still., Sam's rural up-state N.Y. living.,
Public Transportation., Gas prices have tripled
in 6 years and if it triples again there may be continuos riots in 
the streets. And that will be the time for the Democratic public
officials to step in and put forth a New New Deal., Marc was in
Idaho, and Portland OR., Sam & Marc compare Protests of the 1960's
and now., Suburban Real Estate Values dropping fast., Marc says Sam
and sam's listeners should take over N.Y., Marc's Road Trip through
the Mid-West and his current "Stand Uppity" tour., Sam is planting
Blueberry plants., Marc's "Plan B": Teach "MarcMaronology" at an
open college :) ., Sam & Marc talk about how and why the Grand
Experiment called "America" has failed., They compare 1935 to now.,
Marc talks about the U.S. "Embassy / Fortress" in Iraq: Republicans
want to attack Iran because it will force the U.S. to have a 
permanent presence in the Mid-East. Their goal is to control it
someday., Mark Crispin Miller., Sam reads I.M.'s., 
Marc performing tonight in S.F. Cal., then back to L.A.


AUDIO 1:18:10 = 14MB