24   __________________________________________CHICAGO SUN-TIMES {} THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2005

1,000 stage Loop protest
against Bush administration

300 cops on hand as
particpants blast
policies, burn flags

Staff Reporter

   More than 1,000 protesters gath-
ered in the Federal Plaza in the
Loop Wednesday, calling for an
end to the Bush Administration.
   They were surrounded by more
than 300 blue-helmeted Chicago
Police officers, some on foot, oth-
ers on horseback, prompting some
protesters to complain about an
   "It seems like there are more
police here than there are peo-
ple," said Leslie Staniszewski, 23,
of Chicago.  "I don't know what
they're expecting from a bunch of
pacifists. It's almost like they're
trying to provove something."
   The protesters shouted anti-
war and pro-choice slogans as
speakers stood on a podium and
railed against President Bush.
   Some protesters burned Ameri-
can flags, while others carried
signs including "Re-Defeat Bush,"
"Money for jobs and education,
not war and occupation," and
"Gay marrage is a civil right."

'Billionaires for Bush'
   Comedian and radio personal-
ity Aaron Freeman and fellow
performers dressed in costume to
become "Billionaires for Bush,"
holding signs such as "Wealth
Care Not Health Care" and call-
ing Bush "the finest president we
have ever owned -- he has been a
fabulous investment for us."
   After an hour of speeches and
cheering, they marched up Dear-
born Street surrounded by police,
who reported later in the day that



Protesters burn
two American
flags during the
A Chicago
Police officer
later pours
water on the
fire, while
another officer
helps stomp it
out. Police said
the demonstra-
tion was other-
wise orderly and
that no arrests
were made.


the event was orderly and that no
arrests had been made.
   The event was coordinated

with similar protests in other

   Contributing: Lisa Donovan