Trump signs Executive Order further Undermining Obamacare

Just this morning Trump spoke about his new executive order that will give us the best Healthcare because Obamacare is so bad. He was so excited about how good this new care is that he almost forgot to sign the Exec. Order and started to walk away. V.P. Pence had to stop him.

From Vox:

With the failure by Republicans in Congress to repeal Obamacare this year, President Trump is taking matters into his own hands, signing an executive order Thursday that targets the health care law.

Trump is asking federal agencies to look for ways to expand the use of association health plans, groups of small businesses that pool together to buy health insurance, and to broaden the definition of short-term insurance, which is exempt from the Affordable Care Act’s rules, administration officials said.

The ultimate impact will depend on any new regulations written as a result of the order, but overall, the Trump administration could make cheaper plans with skimpier benefits more available — and experts worry that will damage the ACA’s marketplaces.

“The president still firmly believes that Congress must act to repeal and replace Obamacare, but before that can be done, this administration must act to provide relief,” Andrew Bremberg, who oversees domestic policy at the White House, told reporters Thursday morning. “We expect these policy changes to potentially benefit tens of millions of Americans over time.”

Policy experts warn that together, these changes could represent a serious threat to Obamacare: Trump wants to open more loopholes for more people to buy insurance outside the health care law’s markets, which experts anticipate would destabilize the market for customers who are left behind with higher premiums and fewer insurers. [Read more here: ]

Trump is bound and determined to undo Obamacare and everything good Obama did for us.

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  1. NRDC 🌎‏ @NRDC
    Scott Pruitt:
    ❌Spent tax dollars on lavish unnecessary expenses.
    ❌Tried to strangle the EPA’s budget.
    ❌Torn down environmental safeguards.
    ❌Put industry insiders in key agency positions.
    ❌Stamped out climate science.

    6:59 AM – 24 Apr 2018

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    CJ / Johnson / maggiesboy
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    Pruitt Proposes Limits to Scientific Research Used by EPA Staff
    By Eric Roston
    April 24, 2018, 3:02 PM CDT

    …Seven Democratic senators wrote Pruitt a letter Tuesday saying that the policy, which will have a 30-day public comment period, is probably illegal. Led by Delaware’s Tom Carper, the lawmakers requested more information about the proposal, which they say would direct the agency to ignore the “best available science,” a court-back standard for ensuring regulators consider evidence…

  3. CrimethInc.‏ @crimethinc
    Fascism arrives in the USA wearing a badge and a gun. Solidarity with the
    demonstrators brutalized in Newnan, Georgia by hundreds of militarized police
    for the crime of protesting against self-professed Nazis.
    10:28 AM – 22 Apr 2018

    It’s Going Down‏ @IGD_News
    “To say that the #Newnan police were equipped for a riot is an understatement.
    They were ready for civil war. The ground trembled beneath the BearCats and
    tanks rolling down the streets, surplus weaponry from the War in Iraq; drones
    circled above us.” #NewnanStrong
    4:41 PM – 24 Apr 2018

  4. Scott Pruitt kept dodging ethics questions before Congress

    Washington Post
    Published on Apr 26, 2018

  5. “You Really Should Resign:” Lawmakers Slam
    EPA’s Scott Pruitt over Mounting Ethics Scandals

    Democracy Now!
    Apr 27, 2018


    Only Democrats Could F*ck This Up, Volume Infinity
    The DCCC manages to throw both of its candidates for a House seat under the bus.

    APR 30, 2018

    … Vox has an interesting look at a winnable congressional race in Texas that has become entirely banjaxed because the DCCC can’t get out of its own way. There are two perfectly fine candidates, both women, and the DCCC somehow has turned this into a problem…

  7. Closing Time…

    The web hosting contract for this blog will expire on 6/15. The domain name will expire shortly after that…

    To my mind, there is no longer a reason to keep it going.

    Anyone interested in taking over ownership/stewardship of the domain and content is welcome. Just let me know and we will work out the logistics….

    Otherwise, consider this a 45 days notice…


    Paul Ryan Just Got Trounced By a Priest
    Once again, the Speaker picks a fight with the Jesuits and loses.

    MAY 3, 2018

    I am fairly sure that Dunking On Paul Ryan is not one of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, but maybe it ought to be. It certainly feels good. The zombie-eyed granny starver from the state of Wisconsin has been reminded, time and time again, of one of the shebeen’s most important rules.

    Do. Not. Fck. With. The. Society.


    Last week, you may recall, news broke that, back in April, the Speaker’s office ousted congressional chaplain Fr. Pat Conroy, S-freaking-J, for a prayer that was insufficiently grounded in the Gospel According to Art Laffer. Conroy resigned. On Thursday, he un-resigned, with a bang…

  9. Did Hillary Clinton Die Unexpectedly of a Rare Disease?
    Spoiler alert!


  10. @Jmach1P:

    Arrests Made as Georgia City Braces for Face-Off Between Neo-Nazi and Anti-Fascist Groups
    By Jamie Ducharme Updated: April 21, 2018 4:29 PM ET

    CBS NEWS April 21, 2018, 6:33 PM
    10 arrested at neo-Nazi rally in Newnan, Georgia

    Counterpower Radio Hour ( 4/24/2018)
    1:00:15 , 27.5 MB

    ( a discussion of the above Face-Off Between Neo-Nazi and Anti-Fascist Groups in Georgia,
    the failed Student School Walkout at a High School due to nation wide effort by Administrators to control and co-opt the protesters.

  11. @Crank Bait:
    Exactly, Now is NOT the time to relax, sit back, and assume the GOP will self destruct / dig their own grave.
    There are still waaay tooo many idiots in America who will continue to vote and support
    those R.W.N.Jobs who wish to cling to power forever.


    Trump Just Violated the Iran Deal. Welcome to Renege Nation.
    The good faith of the United States is now worth as much as a Trump University degree.

    MAY 8, 2018

    Welcome to Renege Nation, people. Everything having to do with the United States government, up to and including its word among nations, now functions on the basic principle that has animated the president*’s entire business career–“Yeah? So, sue me.” So he went on TV with his Serious World Leader face screwed on tightly, and he told the world that the good faith of the United States is now worth as much as a degree from his phony university.

    You all know that he had no fcking clue what he was talking about, right? If he’s read the text of the agreement with Iran past the first comma, I am Xerxes of Persia. The whole speech was abject gibberish; it was framed as though Iran already has nuclear weapons, which they bought with the bags of cash that Barack Obama personally delivered to Tehran. He was handed some truthless lunacy from some crackpot like John Bolton, and he read it on television. And, just like that, the credibility of the United States sank to the bottom of a sinkhole golf course in Florida…

  13. _____________

    edgery registering more 2018 voters‏ @edgery
    This seems like a good day to remind everyone
    that John Bolton has been pushing for war
    against Iran for decades.

    1:04 PM – 8 May 2018

  14. Giuliani

    Ben Rhodes‏ @brhodes
    Trump just created an international crisis with no plan for what comes next,
    no fallback to maintain constraints on Iran’s nuclear program, and no logic
    other than hyperbolic anti-Obama talking points more suited to a Fox and
    Friends panelist than a President.
    1:08 PM – 8 May 2018

    Mike Dorning‏ @MikeDorning
    BREAKING: Boeing license will be revoked as part of Iran sanctions, Mnuchin
    said just now, per @SalehaMohsin — Boeing has signed a $3 billion deal for
    30 737 Max jets with Iran Aseman airline and a $16.6 billion deal with national
    carrier Iran Air for 80 aircraft.
    2:01 PM – 8 May 2018

    Norm Eisen‏ @NormEisen
    Every single Boeing employee who loses their job is going to know why.
    5:19 PM – 8 May 2018


    Tuesday’s Most Important Victory Didn’t Go to Any Candidate
    Ohio voted to fix its redistricting system.

    MAY 9, 2018

    …But, to me, the most important victory was that of a ballot measure in Ohio that was designed to bring fairness to the redistricting process. This was a bipartisan measure and it won with a whopping 75 percent of the vote. From The Cleveland Plain-Dealer:

    Issue 1 would amend the Ohio Constitution by putting rules in place, where none exist now, aimed at creating districts that make geographic sense – rather than districts designed solely with political gain in mind. How often – and to what extent – counties can be split will be severely limited. And a new 10-year map cannot be enacted without significant buy-in from both major political parties. The first map drawn under the new rules would be created after the 2020 census. This would mark the first time that the party in power will not have almost total control over the process.

    These are common sense reforms that, god willing, will be replicated around the country. Now, there’s many a slip and so forth, and there are probably a dozen ways of sabotaging this initiative of which I am unaware. But it does indicate that, out in the country, there is an overriding sense that things have gone badly wrong with our elections, and there’s a hunger for fair remedies to those problems. This is an election-year issue of some power and, who knows, maybe even the members of the Supreme Court were paying attention.


    The United States Is a Country That Tortures People
    We will do it again if you scare us enough.

    MAY 9, 2018

    The children of the Senate Intelligence Committee certainly were treated to some ripping yarns on Wednesday, when Gina Haspel came to tell them the scary bedtime stories that qualify her to run the CIA. We had shadow warriors, and far-flung outposts, brush passes, dead drops, and dusty alleys, and dark moonless nights. If the hearing had gone on 10 minutes longer, John le Carré’s attorneys might have dropped in with an intellectual property action. Then, of course, they all went into executive session, where they could all talk about the really cool, really super-secret spy stuff that the rest of us can’t know about, but are obligated to pay for. And, ultimately, there was one basic message to come out of this hearing to the world.

    The United States is a country that tortures people. It is also a country that arranges for other countries to torture people. We did in back in the Bush administration and we’ll do it again, if you scare us deeply enough and there are enough hack lawyers in the Department of Justice and the White House Counsel’s office to draft memos to cover our asses. The United States is a country that tortures people, and we’ll do it again, under the right circumstances. We’d just rather it not make the papers, is all…

    Synopsis of Pierce’s piece about Haspel’s tap dance under questioning (but read it in its entirety anyway): Bad people torture people but we, U.S.A. citizens, do not torture people except when they are bad people and we can prove it because the people we tortured were bad people.

    [Pay no attention to the video records we destroyed and, anyway, they were bad people who deserved to be tortured…which we don’t do.]

    Only bad people torture people and, goddammit, we are not bad people.
    And here is a synopsis of my viewpoint based on Haspel’s answers to questioning:

    Haspel is a self-identified patriot. Patriots do as they are told. Gas chambers? Sure. Follow orders. That’s what patriots do.

    That defense fell on deaf ears during the Nuremberg trials. It should fall on deaf ears today.

  17. Caitlin Johnstone‏ @caitoz
    How to put RT out of business:
    STEP 1 – Allow leftist and antiwar perspectives to be voiced on mainstream
    western media.

    There are no more steps.
    4:05 PM – 6 May 2018

    Matt Taibbi‏ @mtaibbi
    Matt Taibbi Retweeted Caitlin Johnstone
    Caitlin Johnstone comes up with a brilliant plan to silence RT that will never be enacted in America.
    4:04 AM – 7 May 2018

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  19. Dump Trump? Tower’s broker shifts strategy—again

    By Alby Gallun May 08, 2018
    Unable to find office tenants for the mostly empty commercial space in Donald Trump’s riverside skyscraper, the property’s brokers are shifting gears once again. And one thing is noticeably absent from their marketing materials: the Trump name.

    They’re courting restaurants for 66,000 square feet on the lower three floors of the 92-story high-rise, space that has been mostly empty since the Trump International Hotel & Tower opened nearly a decade ago.

    The Trump Organization has struggled to fill the space, initially seeking retailers and restaurants, then opting to turn it into conference rooms for the building’s hotel. Most recently, the property’s broker, RKF, has marketed it as office space. Yet the New York developer has succeeded in leasing just 1,000 square feet to a gift shop and hair salon.
    Now, with Trump in the White House and his sons Donald Jr. and Eric in charge of the family business, RKF is pitching the space as “the perfect entertainment and dining destination,” according to an RKF marketing brochure.

    The brochure is also noteworthy for what it omits: the Trump name. Aside from the small print on a locator map, the document identifies the property only as 401 North Wabash Avenue. Two photos of the tower don’t show the massive TRUMP sign that overlooks the Chicago River.

    The question is whether the Trump brand has become a liability as RKF courts tenants. Over the past year, the name has become so divisive that Trump signs have come off several buildings Trump developed. A New York judge recently ruled that the board of the Trump Place condo building in New York could drop the Trump name.

    But the commercial space in the Chicago building has a bigger problem, said Stone, the retail broker.

    “The intensity of the political divide definitely does not help, but I think the issue is fundamentally about the location,” he said.

    Still, the Trump name is noticeably absent from the RKF brochure. In the cover photo, the big TRUMP sign even appears to have been airbrushed out. Who knows? Subtly distorting reality may be the marketing boost the property needs.

  20. Robert Reich‏ @RBReich · May 10
    Trump is determined to Take America Backwards Again. The administration now
    plans to roll back child labor laws that protect young people from operating
    dangerous machinery, including chainsaws, meat slicers, and trash compactors.
    5:45 PM – 10 May 2018

    Juan Cole‏ @jricole
    Why there isn’t likely to be a conventional War between Israel and Iran –
    10:14 AM – 11 May 2018

  21. This Is Hell!‏ @thisishellradio
    SATURDAY: Writer / activist @kevin_ovenden calls for solidarity and cooperation
    between anti-racism and anti-war movements.
    11:10 AM – 11 May 2018

    This Is Hell!‏ @thisishellradio 10 hours ago
    SATURDAY 10:05AM – Anthropologist @davidgraeber explores the meaning and
    meaninglessness of our bullshit jobs.

    SATURDAY 11:05AM – Political scientist @PopTechWorks explains how
    technology turned against the poor.

    SATURDAY 12:05PM – Historian @HartmanAndrew visits the new Trump front of
    America’s old culture wa

  22. Senators make plan to preserve Mueller’s work
    if not his job

    Duration: 6:57
    05/11/18 09:21PM
    Heidi Przybyla, NBC News national political reporter,
    talks with Joy Reid about a new bipartisan plan in
    the works in the Senate to preserve Robert Mueller’s
    work, even if Mueller himself can’t be protected
    from Donald Trump

  23. Birthdates:
    Yesterday: surfbenet / jbenet
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    5/15: Vernon, aka zeek


    Area Man Allegedly Builds 16 Pipe Bombs Because Obama
    Let’s head down to Arkansas.

    MAY 14, 2018

    Thanks to the invaluable J.J. McNab, who keeps track of these birds on the electric Twitter machine, we are pointed toward this gent from Arkansas who has some interesting—some might even say explosive—political ideas to which he’d like us to pay attention…


    Democrats Know the Country’s Problems Didn’t Begin—and Won’t End—With Trump
    Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and others met in Washington this week to discuss what’s next.

    …This is the kind of thing that is beyond the easy horse-race punditry. Whether it will sell in a nation grown meaner, and one where meanness is rewarded and celebrated, remains an open question. But it is a way to talk about an issue to that country, just as was that remarkable moment earlier when, in a conversation with journalist Jamelle Bouie, Doug Jones, the new Democratic senator from Alabama, talked about the new memorial in Montgomery dedicated to the victims of lynching and extrajudicial violence.

    “The Memorial is a much-needed acknowledgement of a dark part of our history, and when people see the stories,” Jones said. “It’s one thing to just walk through the Memorial and see the hanging fixtures. It’s another thing when you actually read through and read how and why people were lynched—women who were lynched simply because they’d complained about their husbands’ being lynched, and for just no reasons at all. You see what we have come through.

    “I think one thing people will take away is that, in this modern day, you cannot fathom why someone would be hanged like that in a public square, and if they think long enough about it they will understand that a lot of that hatred, that prejudice at that time, has still sifted through and formed the basis of our criminal justice system.”

    That straightened me right up, I’ll tell you that. A white Democratic senator from Alabama, albeit one that got justice three decades later for the four little girls blown up at their Birmingham church in 1963, tracing the bloody line of history from lynching to Philando Castile, killed by a police officer, from the crowds celebrating beneath the strange fruit in the trees to the people who enable and quietly celebrate the grinding up of minority lives in the criminal justice system of the 21st century. Agree or disagree, but, dammit, it’s a way to talk to the country.

  26. BlueRootsRadio‏ @BlueRootsRadio · May 14
    BlueRootsRadio Retweeted Donald J. Trump
    To all the Rust Belt workers who voted for Trump, here’s your payback. Jobs to a
    Chinese company that’s been helping North Korea and Iran. So, where’s your
    jobs Trump voters? Buried in the Trump Swamp that’s where and in China.

    Donald J. Trump‏ @realDonaldTrump
    President Xi of China, and I, are working together to give massive Chinese
    phone company, ZTE, a way to get back into business, fast. Too many jobs in
    China lost. Commerce Department has been instructed to get it done!
    8:01 AM – 13 May 2018

    12:19 PM – 14 May 2018



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