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Arizona :  September 1996

   On September 1st I departed O'Hare Airport Gate K8 at 11:50am on A.A.Flight 1417k with a destination of Tucson Arizona. I spent 2 days there with my family before I began a 7 day road trip, in a rented car, that would take me all over the state. Highlights include: The Meteor Crater, Winslow, Flagstaff, The Grand Canyon (North Rim), Page, The Glen Canyon Dam, & The Grand Canyon
(South Rim).

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 75 m.p.h.  Sept 3rd  

Winslow AZ. 4th  
Meteor Crater  
Junct Rte 89a &89  Sept 5th  
Jacob Lake AZ.  
North Rim Entrance to Grand Canyon  
Point Imperial Elev.8803'  
Nice View  
Angels Window  
Glen Canyon Dam, Lake Powell  Sept 6th  
East Entrance To South Rim  
Canyon Floor  
South Entrance To South Rim  
10 Miles North of Flagstaff on Rte.180 Sept. 7th  

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