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  1996   Arizona

Meteor Crater, Winslow, Flagstaff, The Grand Canyon (North Rim), Page, The Glen Canyon Dam, & The Grand Canyon (South Rim)

  1990   Some Northwestern States
Page 1: Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota, Page 2: South Dakota: The BADLANDS, WALL , KADOKA, Page 3: KEYSTONE & MT. RUSHMORE
Page 4: South Dakota: CrazyhorseMnmnt.,Northern Wyoming: BIG HORN MNTS., TENSLEEP,EAST YELLOWSTONE, Page 5 & 6: YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK
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The 1987 Pontiac Bonneville that transported me everywhere for eight years was sold to Victory Auto Wreckers
on Green St. in Bensenville Illinois on March 1st 2004
Its final mileage was about 177,868

          Mileage Detail at bottom 
   In 1999 I took a 19 day Road Trip across many of the western states.

 It  began on July 31st in DuPage County Illinois.
 Traveling west on  I-80,  I  drove through the following states
Hi !  : >)   Iowa -Nebraska - Wyoming-Utah

+ = Brightened 5/15/'06

^ = Brightened 5/20/'06

* = Brightened 6/26/'06

   Some city's I traveled through are : Des Moines, Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island, North Platte, Cheyenne, Laramie, Rock Springs, Salt Lake City, Elko, & Winnemucca.  My goal was to reach Gerlach Nevada. In Winnemucca I got off  I-80 and began to drive straight west on Jungo Rd. This was a big mistake!
 It was an unpaved dirt & gravel road that was verry rough and led me out to an extremely remote area of the state. It was a 96 mile drive along the southern edge of the Black Rock Desert that took 6 hours. During the last 4 hours i saw only 2 (two) other cars. There was no one anywhere.
Gerlach Nev. at 2:30 pm on  Wednesday August 4th was almost a ghost town. The post office hours are 10am-1pm. I was to stay overnight back in Elko , which was 250 miles back east. I choose to drive on Pavement from that point forward. Therefore I had to drive south on Rte.447 about 75 miles to reach I-80  near Wadsworth . Then There was the long drive north east to Elko.It was a 14 hour day ! On the 5th of August I traveled east from Elko to Salt Lake City. On the 6th I drove south on I-15 from S.L.C. through Utah to Page Arizona.

Highlights of the first half are : A visit to the Bonneville Salt Flats in N.W. Utah ,   A drive along the southern edge of The Black Rock Desert  in  remote N.W. Nevada , &  A stop at the Glen  Canyon  Dam  in Page  Arizona.
  I  reached Tucson  Arizona at 5pm on August 7th.
More Photo can be found in the following folders:
July 31:Westbound: Il.,Ia.,Ne. , +Aug 1: Westward: Neb., Wyo. , Aug 2: Westward: Wyo.,Ut., ,
Aug 3: N. Utah ,
^Aug 4: Nevada , *Aug 5:Eastbound: Nv., Ut. , *Aug 6:Southbound Ut., Az. , *Aug 7: Arizona Southbound
On Friday August 13 I began the drive home driving through the following Hi  : >)    Arizona-New Mexico-Colorado-Kansasstates:

% = Brightened Aug/06/'06
@ = Brightened Oct/20/'06

Some city's I traveled through are Phoenix , Flagstaff , Holbrook , Gallup , Albuquerque , Pueblo , Colorado Springs , Topeka , Columbia , & St Louis.
    I returned home on the afternoon of August 18th with a trip mileage of
 5905. More photos can be found here >>>--->  %Aug 13: Arizona Northbound ,@Aug 14: Eastward: Az., New Mexico ,
Aug 15: Northbound: NM., Colorado ,
Aug 16-18: Eastward: Co., Ks., Mo. ,

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